Don’t count the days. Make the days count.

I know as a mum how to show you pictures that will make your heart feel like it couldn’t be any more in love with your tiny human. And I know as a woman how to show you that beautiful mamma self of yours – the one that gave birth, the one who’s body might have changed, who’s eyes might feel a bit more tired. The one who by now may have laughed and cried in equal proportions. The one who feels ridiculous amounts of love and protection over your little one. I know how all of that feels. I also know how it feels when things don’t go to plan. I’ve been there and I understand. Giving birth is one thing, bringing home your baby is quite another.

I’d love to come into your home and help show you just what an amazing job you are doing.


So let me tell you why I want to photograph you and your new babe & family . In a nutshell, the whole thing goes way. too. fast and I want to show you how beautiful it is, so you can always remember.

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We have to make enough decision throughout the day, so my collections are simple and easy.

1.5 hours

20 Images



Let’s make memories

Petite – Selection of Fine Art Images 5 (7×5) £75

Standard – Selection of Fine Art Images 5 (7×5) + Remaining Gallery Digital Download £200

Deluxe – Selection of Fine Art Images 5 (7×5) + Remaining Gallery Digital Download + 2 minute

documentary life style video ( introductory rate) £375


When is the best time to do our shoot?

This one is all dependant on you. Babies have different stages. Generally speaking the first couple of weeks are the ones where they mainly just eat and sleep. They then become more awake little by little. But no one is age is better than the other, however, that being said it is so nice to look back on those tiny first couple of weeks, because as cliche as it sounds the days past fast and they change even faster. For families golden hour is really the best, an hour before the sun starts to set. But if that’s not possible go for the time of day that works best with your nap/food routine.

How long do the shoots last?

I allocate 1.5 hours for the shoot, but normally 1 hour works fine. I know it may seem like a long time but it allows us time to work around your little people to make them sure there are happy. Because if they’re not happy then no one’s getting any pictures. But we can work to however they are feeling.

What do we need bring?

Your babe is the star of the show here, so we don’t need to much else. I would however have a couple of outfits and any blankets that you might want to use, just so we have options. But, plain baby grows are always a win in my eyes. Older children and families bring yourselves and anything that makes them feel good – toy’s and maybe snacks. A good picnic blanket is always nice to place you on for group shots, so maybe pack one of those as well.

How does the shoot work?

If we are shooting at home, I start with a little look for the best light. But ideally I’ll be looking at the nursery and your bedroom ideally. We’ll get pictures of you all together and then just him/her and if you have pet’s they are more than welcome to join in. We’ll use different blankets and shoot from different angles. We’ll get the hero shots and the little details. And we work together. This is your baby and I want to make sure you get to remember it all. Families, if we are shooting on location, again I look for the best light – it all starts with the light. Everything will be kept fun and light hearted. No forced smiles. We’ll walk, talk, stop & click, so easy they won’t even notice it.

What if we have to rearrange?

That is no problem at all. I do take a non refundable deposit of £50 for the shoot but that can be carried on in case of a reschedule. I had to do it myself twice, so I know these things happen.

How to we see our pictures?

Your images are edited within 7 days and sent to you on an online proofing gallery with a password. You then choose your 25 favourite images from the gallery within two weeks. Super easy.

How to receive our pictures?

After you have proofed your images and selected your 25, I then upload onto a fresh gallery with your high resolution images. As standard images are sent online via the cloud which is all protected.

 One of the sweetest sounds is the chatter that surrounds a table full of your favourite people.I grew up sat around the family table at dinner times and when everyone else moved out and it was just myself, mum & dad we still did it Now I have my own house, my own family table and I love feeding people around it and getting lost in conversation.

Additional Images:

I know sometimes that it can be hard to choose your favorites. So hard. So I offer the option to purchase the remaining gallery for £125.