Having a baby is the most incredible experience. I’ve been there… I know.

Hi, I’m Natasha. For years I have shot weddings all over the world, but since having  my little boy, Ezra, its rekindled a passion for documenting newborns. These tiny little people who enter our lives and have us fall ridiculously in love. I know how amazing and fragile the early days feel and how you want to soak up every little detail of them.

I  love being a mum. And I love being able to document as much of it as I can. I’d be honoured to help you document your own little love as well.

Becoming a parent for the first time is amazing. It’s crazy beautiful. Having these tiny people to love, look at, nurture, hold, kiss, cuddle. Stare at. You tend to do a lot that with them.

I was primarily a wedding photographer. I’ve always documented families and newborns as well, but since becoming a mum and having my own little love to dote on, documenting newborns has become so much more. It’s become essential. Something I need to do. I find myself walking a tightrope balance of living in the moment and trying to document it all.