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T his new little person that has just absolutely rocked your world doesn’t need props. They don’t need to be placed in suitcases or plant pots or placed in weird sleeping positions. You want to look back at your babies and feel the way you did then. When they were in your arms. Laid on your bed. Wrapped in their blankets. Their tiny little hands and toes. The way they stretched when they slept  and yawn because being tiny is tough work.


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  • There's been a couple of parenting fails today, all by me 😩. I brought the washing in from outside to the sound of a thud upstairs. Ezra had rolled off the bed, I'd left him napping😳( que mum Guilt). Then, I was mid changing him when a fence guy arrived to quote us up on some work. Fine, I thought I'd just give him 5 minutes without his nappy on. Rookie mistake. I came inside (after about a minute max- actually more like 30seconds), to find him half way under the sofa (turns out he goes backwards) with a huge poo on the rug. So, tonight's bath was a very much needed one. And as usual he loved it. #ezramonkhouse #mumlife #reallife #monkhousecadmancasa #familylife
  • We weren't really having holiday this year, or I should say we had nothing booked in. Then we had a last minute trip to Portugal and it was utterly brilliant. We laughed for a whole week straight. But what's it really did was get me in the mood for more trips! After speaking to a friend earlier in the week i know feel fixed on going island hoping round Greece for a couple of weeks (thanks @barnabyaldrick 😉). So, had anyone done it and which islands were your fave? #islandhoppinggreece #familyholiday #familytravel #portugal #greece #holidayplanning #boogieboard #sea #travelblogger
  • *bride brag time* (again). I'm happy to say that my relationship with my brides and grooms isn't over the moment I hand over their images. I have met SO many amazing people through photographing their wedding. One  such fabulous person is Dani from @deluxeblooms .l saw her dream her business behind the scenes, have  her children and still  bring that dream to life. And now she's smashing it. She's your number one go to #fauxflowers girl.  Even @notonthehighstreet think so, she was featured in their adverts. #deluxeblooms #weddingflowers #smallbusinnessowner #mumboss
  • I'm learning that I absolutely can't get everything done when I want. He's very much the ruler of the day. Here's to learning patience (Aka, waiting for him to nap). #ezramonkhouse #monkhousecadmancasa #clickinmoms #babynap #mumboss #mumlife #thesearethedays #cornerofmyhome
  • This morning I was all smug about being organised and ready for the gym. And then Ezra peed down my gym outfit from boobs to waist- my only gym outfit might I add- and brought this mamma right back down to earth. 😩 #ezramonkhouse *note for those that are bothered, I did the class. You guessed it, wearing wee....
  • It's funny how I love helping getting people relaxed in front of the camera, but when it comes to me doing it I feel really conscious about myself. I've realised im good at staying behind the scene.  But, the truth is I need to get over it so that Ezra has pictures of us both. Together. 
So im challenging myself to get in front of the camera once a week. This should be easy, right? #ezramonkhouse #clickinmoms #camerashy #newbornphotography #weddingphotographer #rhododendron #summer #garden #summervibes #home #monkhousecadmancasa

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